Suttle Financial Group

Suttle Financial Group
2425 San Pedro NE Suite 300
Albuquerque, NM 87110

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At Suttle Financial Group we believe you should have a great experience with us!

We want to help you, and we want to help the folks you care about. When our clients speak, we listen.

We would like to hear what you want financially. After our initial inquiry we will provide you with a Red-Blue-Green, income, and distribution analysis. We will help you to understand your current financial holdings such as brokerage accounts, IRA’s, annuities, life insurance, and long term care. Also we can educate you about how you are positioned to meet your financial needs, and we may give suggestions for improvement.

Contact us for a no-cost and pressure-free consultation.

We also assist with the following services:

~Risk Reduction Strategies

~Retirement Strategies

~Retirement Account Rollovers/Transfers (IRA, 401K, 403b, 457, etc.)

~Roth IRA Conversions

~Annuities (Indexed, Fixed, Variable) 1035 tax free exchanges

~Life Insurance and Long Term Care Strategies

~College Funding Strategies

~Beneficiary and Estate Plan Reviews

~CPA and Attorney referral program