Roadrunner Auto X event guide.

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Welcome to Roadrunner Region PCA Auto-X event guide!

This guide is the key to your success. Here are some basics to help get you started.

Registration – (near the grid area) Make sure you bring:

◦Valid Drivers license

◦PCA membership card (if you have one)

◦Tech Inspection Sheet

◦Unique number you would like to use for your car

Paddock – This is where you will park your car, unload any loose objects you may have and prep your car.

◦Remove loose items – floor mats, tire pumps, coolers, spare tire, jacks, etc…  (Well-secured items are okay.)

◦Inflate your tires to the max PSI.  Someone in the paddock usually has a tire pump

◦Place your number on your car. Mark it on your car’s side window or door. Painter’s tape or window chalk works well. You may be able to borrow from someone.

Tech – This is a simple vehicle inspection for safety. You will do a self-tech before the event and then get tech’d by an inspector before the event starts.  Registration can tell you where to find a tech inspector.

Drivers’ Meeting – All drivers must attend.  You will receive key notes regarding event flow, safety, grid/work assignment and any other details.

Novice Walk – Immediately prior to the drivers’ meeting there will be a guided novice walk available for all drivers.

◦Don’t worry about your car as you will have time to move it later.

Grid – Stage your car in grid just prior to driving in run order. Leave items in paddock but remember to bring the following:

◦Helmet – if you have one (a few loaners will be available in grid)

◦Tire pressure gauge (if you have one) – you can always borrow one in the grid

◦Sun block and drinking water

Working – All solo events are work/drive events.  When assigned, you will be asked to work a specific job while others are driving.  Most will be assigned to work on course.  Please report to the timing board to receive your work assignment. It is recommended to bring:

◦Sun block, hat, sunglasses, drinking water

◦Comfortable shoes for standing and light running

Time Table –

7:45am      Registration opens, Tech opens

̴8:15am      Start chalking course, course open for walking

8:45am      Registration closes; Tech closes

9:00am      Novice/Advanced course walk through

9:30am    Driver’s meeting (Mandatory)

10:00am    First car off

̴12:00 m Lunch

̴1:00pm Resume Auto-X