DS #2,3 Farmington, NM

In Autocross by Steve Waller

DS #2 & 3 in Farmington, NM

story James Wilson

Wow!!!  As it comes time to prepare the write up I struck by how well the weekend went. The skies were clear and the tarmac was dry.  There was some wind in the later part of both days but not enough effect the overall mood.

This time we ran the group structure of AB AB for both days.  This means that we split the participants into 2 groups.  And each group runs in the morning and afternoon. Separated by lunch of course.  Turns out that there’s better competition with the AB AB structure since everyone gets to run the afternoon when the tarmac is the warmest. Also, lunch allows for further study and preparation.

As always, these events do not run themselves.  Thanks to all participants for making the event run smoothly.  Special thanks to the Rio Grande Region of SCCA for letting us rent their autocross trailer and to Lonny Brown for moving the trailer around all weekend!

Fastest time (FTD) for Saturday was John Poore in his Formula car.  On Sunday Mark Gadway was able to edge out John in his modified Subaru STi.  James Wilson was the fastest Porsche on both days.

DS 4 is right around the corner.  DS 4 is also the autocross portion of 50th Fiesta New Mexico!  There will be 30+ participants!

Hope to see you all for DS 4 at Sandia Speedway on Saturday May 27!

Here are the results from DS 2,3.