47th annual Corrales Roundup recap

In Articles, Social Events by Steve Waller

Clear blue sky and perfect hot weather prevailed as 57 stunning Porsche cars all polished & shiny and 115 beautiful people gathered for an afternoon of fun & socializing at the outstanding horse property, GO Farm. With the Sandia Mountains as a backdrop, the 47TH ANNUAL CORRALES ROUNDUP unfolded as cars started to roll in through the gate where everyone’s signature was collected on the Release and Waiver of Liability Form. Cars were systematically parked to display their fine qualities and for optimal observation by all attendees. A wonderful Mexican Buffet provided by Porsche of Albuquerque was enjoyed by all, topped off with a cake celebrating Roadrunner Region’s 50th Anniversary coming up in October. Featured car & driver for the event was Lisa Hernandez and her red Boxter; she was recognized for her tenatious love of Autocross and her generous volunteer spirit. The Macans and Cayennes had the primo parking spots this year and Chairperson Dave Stinchcomb recognized the newest Macan and the oldest Cayenne owners giving them a few minutes with the microphone and a bottle of wine. The newest Macan was purchased just 2 weeks prior in Indiana by a couple from an Arizona region visiting friends in Albuquerque who brought them to Corrales Roundup. ┬áThe 2004 Cayenne Turbo was just as stunning and well loved as the day it rolled off the showroom floor. President Mike Suttle reminded attendees of the tenacity of Dave & Ann Stinchcomb who started this event & kept it going for 45 years at their property before moving the event to it’s current location last year. All attendees, members and prospectives, left with a sense of a few hours well spent sharing the afternoon with new and old friends and the photogenic Navarre, the resident burro at the GO Farm who wanders the grounds like a pet puppy; Navarre was even in the horse barn checking for leftovers and collecting a few more pets on the back as committee members put the 2017 Corrales Roundup to bed.