RRR looking for new AX locations.

In Autocross by Steve Waller

The Roadrunner Region is looking for new autocross (AX) locations.  Autocross is a timed racing event held on a closed course.  There are only one or two cars on the course at any one time.  The basic need is for a large, make that very large parking lot.  The lot should have minimal obstructions like light pole standards.  In addition the asphalt surface needs to be in good condition.  Other features like utilities, restrooms, food availability can be worked around.  The location would not have to be in Bernalillo County, but should be in a reasonable driving distance for a one day event.   If you know of such a location contact AX chairperson  James Wilson, safety chairperson George Watson, or RRR President Mike Suttle.  You can reach them by clicking on the About tab of this website and then Officers and Region contacts.  The contact form is at the bottom.   Thank you.