RRR members posted for 2018-2019 election

In Member Articles by Steve Waller

The following roster of members of RRR PCA are submitted by the Nominating Committee for the 2018 Board of Directors of the RRR PCA.     All have given their consent to be nominated.
President: Vance Bass
Vice President: George Watkins
Secretary: Sean Simpson
Treasurer: Yvonne Teske
Members at Large (8 nominees for 6 positions):
Doug Brosveen
Lisa Hernandez
Willard MenNe
Steve Waller
Larry Knippel
Marc Schwartz
Cathy Tardy
Paul Teske

The By Laws state that this report is to be made to the Secretary and the membership will be notified in the Ramblings and on the website by October 15.
This report is being made to the President, the Secretary, the Ramblings editor and the Webmaster.

A ballot for the election will be in the October 2017 Ramblings.

Nominating Committee
Paula Sears
Bob Blackwell
Patricia Blackwel